michael field / executive creative director / writer

michael field / executive creative director / writer

AXIS Capital - Cyber Insurance

AXIS Capital – Cyber Insurance


The Sony email hack. The Atlanta ransomware attack. The Equifax data breach.

Cyberattacks disrupt entire organizations. Companies need to protect themselves.

AXIS Capital, a commercial specialty insurer and global reinsurer—needed to break through the cyber insurance clutter.


Convince companies that cyber insurance isn’t enough. They need a TOTAL CYBER SOLUTION

PREPARE, PREVENT, RECOVER became the AXIS Cyber Insurance mantra.

We launched with a limited budget, and a media plan focused on digital and built a multi-channel campaign across multiple touchpoints.

And to generate some buzz among insurance brokers, we helped AXIS organize a series of world-class events branded the AXIS Cyber INCYTE conferences.


+226& Website visits during the campaign

200 Brokers Attended London Cyber INCYTE Event

25% YOY growth directly attributed to the program

And, no, the results weren’t hacked.


  1. Aviation Insurance website

  2. Renewables Insurance website

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