michael field / executive creative director / writer

michael field / executive creative director / writer


Website, UGC, YouTube, Social


How do you position the first-ever, patented CO2 DraughtKeg?


Tap into the product’s futuristic technology and make every brand experience a technophonic dance party, of course.

By enabling visitors to upload pictures of themselves and friends onto images of dancing robots, the Heineken technophonic dance party took on a life of its own. The online video can be emailed to family and friends. You can also download the original track.


Heineken sold 10 million worldwide and 1.4 million in the U.S. Fans uploaded their own versions of the video to YouTube as well as created their own original videos using the original track. One YouTube post of the technophonic dance party video received over 1.2 million hits and counting.

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